Since Andy’s been gone (no Kelly Clarkson pun intended) all this week in Germany on business, I decided to send him a little surprise, similar to what he did for me before.

Riley misses Andy 004

I can’t even say “Dad” or the poor little guy goes bonkers looking for Andy, sniffing at the door, etc. Thank goodness he can’t spell.

5 responses to “Foto Friday: A sequel of sorts”

  1. Alex Avatar

    That is adorable!

  2. Kristan Avatar
  3. Sarah Avatar

    how did you keep him from eating those? my dog wouldn’t have let me make it to “hi”

  4. Kristan Avatar

    Oh, he’s a gooooood puppy. Veeeery food motivated. Veeeeery afraid of making mommy mad, because then she might not let him sleep in the bed with her. :P

    Haha, somewhat kidding. Mostly it’s just that we’ve had him in training since we got him, pretty much, so he’s quite obedient. His only real issue now is barking at other dogs when we’re out, because he sounds kind of aggressive which scares people, even though all he wants to do is lick everything to death.