A blogger for the LA Times reflects on why writers have so much trouble with the Evil Internet. (I’m not the only one!)

What if typewriters had also been telephones? What if you could press the top of your legal pad and have today’s newspaper pop out? What if your fountain pen broadcast your favorite talk radio station? Today, when the tool of novel-writing is also the primary tool for all kinds of communication, it seems like a miracle that anybody ever gets anything (longer than a blog post) written.


Anyway, from there I found this link to Freedom, which disables a Mac’s internet for a period of time specified by the user, and which I will TOTALLY use if when I get a Mac.

In the meantime, I have established a rule of no internet before noon, and I have set up a new Writing Nook in the living room. Previously I was working at the dining room table, which was fine, but now I no longer have to move ALL my things every night for dinner. I also got that awesome desk — elementary school, anyone? — from a woman on Craigslist, and I LOVE the cubbyhole!

new writing nook 001

It’s maybe not the most attractive setup, but it works. For now, that’s all I need.

4 responses to “Evil Internet, and my new Writing Nook”

  1. Aisha Avatar

    Omfg I LOOOOVE that desk! Is there enough room for your legs? In the photo it looks like it might be kinda tight.

    Go you for using Craigslist :)

  2. Kristan Avatar

    LOL thanks! (ONLY FIFTEEN BUCKS!) Come to think of it, that is the sort of thing you’d love… And yes, the legroom is tight, but only b/c I have that chair raised up as high as it can go. Sometimes I lower it (if I’m writing by hand) but when I’m typing I like to have it higher so I don’t scrunch my shoulders to reach the keyboard. Also, I often sit “Indian-style” in chairs — or splay my legs out to the side onto the stool there — so it doesn’t matter as much.

    Thanks, haha. Craigslist is like the best AND worst thing to ever happen to me. Because there’s so much cheap stuff! But even then, I can’t afford it, because I make no money. :(

  3. diane Avatar

    nice setup!