What, you thought I was going to spell “photography” with an F?

fall photography walk 005

fall photography walk 010

fall photography walk 021

6 responses to “Foto Friday: Fall photography”

  1. Trisha Avatar

    Leaves change colors? Wow! Who’da thought. Cactus. They’re pointy all year ’round.

  2. phhhst Avatar

    Beautiful shots. Waht’s the first one?

  3. Kristan Avatar

    Haha! Andy just ate some cactus on his business trip in Mexico…

    Good question… Random little berries on a tree by my house? Sorry, I’m really bad with plants. :(

  4. Twenty Four At Heart Avatar

    Nice pictures! I wish we got some signs of Fall here.

  5. Linda Avatar

    Oh I wish I had seen this sooner. That second picture? That’s Poison Ivy! Yea, it turns bright red in fall and climbs up trees with hairy little feet like that. Crap! I hope you don’t have a rash right now.

  6. Kristan Avatar

    Oh wow! Haha, thanks. Note to self: stay away from pretty leaves climbing up trees. 8|

    Luckily no, I didn’t touch it, and thus do not have a rash.