AWWW. For a second there I got all excited about going through today’s comments on the site because I thought I got a message from fellow CMU alum Ted Danson!

But then I read more closely and saw it was just some dude named Tad Dawson offering me MORE FREE PORN VIDEOS IN ALL CATEGORIES.

Gee, thanks, Tad.

ANYWAY. Yesterday Riley had his first official playdate, with our friends’ seven month old chocolate lab Nestle. They met at our weekly flag football games, where they shared (despite Riley’s reluctance) a big yummy stick. Since they got along really well, and socialization is like Rule #1 for making sure your dog doesn’t become the next Cujo, we all thought they might benefit from a romp in our friends’ fenced in backyard together. Surprisingly — because you know how puppies hate chasing, wrestling, and playing with other puppies, right? — they loved it.

playdate with Nestle 005

These are two of my favorite pictures from the playdate because my sweet little Riley has transformed himself into PSYCHO KILLER ATTACK PUPPY!

playdate with Nestle 013

playdate with Nestle 022

And Nestle’s just like, “You know, I think I’d buy it more if you weren’t lying on your back so submissively.”

Currently said PSYCHO KILLER ATTACK PUPPY is curled up under my desk sleeping with his head nestled against my feet, because PSYCHO KILLER ATTACK YARD MEN are driving their mowers past our patio door.

Ah yes, he’s so frightening.

4 responses to “Search engines ought to have a field day with this post…”

  1. Angie Avatar

    Yay! I’m really glad Riley made a friend.

  2. Kristan Avatar

    Me too!! Nestle is a big sweetie, and they were great together. Also, he was SO well behaved at our flag football game tonight. Methinks he’s finally growing up!

  3. phhhst Avatar

    I love psycho killer attack puppy shots. Looks like awesome fun.

    Ollie tried to play with a fellow border collie yesterday and the dog tried to kill him. His first bad experience. He’s fine, all that fluff got in the way of him being bit.

  4. Kristan Avatar

    Aw, Ollie! I’m surprised to hear that another BC was aggressive, because I thought they normally weren’t… But yay for Ollie’s protective fluff!!

    My only thought is to make sure Ollie gets some positive interaction with another doggie playmate soon, so he doesn’t get hung up on the attack. He does have the Old Man to give him some positive canine interaction, which is good, but from my expertise (i.e., hours of watching The Dog Whisperer) he could probably use some friendly strangers too.

    I’m so glad he’s okay.