I had planned to write this really exultant post about how literary agent Nathan Bransford helped me to realize what kind of books I’m writing, via his post “Book Club Fiction”:

Around the publishing industry there has long been a hankering for a certain type of book that is both literary and yet commercial, familiar and yet exotic, well-written but not too dense, accessible but with some depth. They are books that are kind of tough to categorize, because they don’t exactly fit into any one genre. I’d often hear people calling them either literary commercial fiction or commercial literary fiction.

But during my last trip to New York I heard an apt label for this category: book club fiction*. And lots of editors want it.

My first reaction: AWESOME! That’s exactly what I want to achieve with both my writing and my blogging. And I’m not just saying that because Nathan Bransford says that’s what editors are looking for!

But then EVERYONE AND THEIR MOMS said “Thanks, Nathan, you’ve just described my genre!” And suddenly I didn’t feel so original anymore…

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