Foto Friday: Valencia

Andy took my camera to Ireland this week — yeah, my camera, but NOT ME! — so I figured, what better excuse for a throwback Foto Friday? I also decided to go all the way back to Spain 2006, because (a) Spain is the shit, and (b) it’s a lot closer to Ireland than I am right now.

I took a ton of photos of Valencia, a city I unexpectedly fell in love with, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll present the city to you in just four snapshots:

valencia 037

A niña (young girl) plays with the palomas (pigeons) in the Plaza del Mercado (Market Square).

valencia 042

Flamencos (flamingos) in the L’Oceanogràfic (fantastic city zoo/aquarium). You can see a hint of Santiago Calatrava’s amazing architecture through the windows in the back. More on that next week.

valencia 147

Puente del Mar (Bridge of the Sea) in the Jardines del Turio (beautiful parks that wind through the city).

valencia 197

Yo (me) at the playa (beach).

3 responses to “Foto Friday: Valencia”

  1. phhhst Avatar

    ho, very nice. I’m jealous. Need. to. go. to. Europe. soon.

  2. sarah Avatar


  3. Kristan Avatar

    phhhst- I miss it. :(