Foto Friday: Meet Gatsby

Alright, I know I said I would do a Foto Friday of Santiago Calatrava’s amazing architecture in Valencia, but I’m guessing that no one here really cares but me, haha. So I’m delaying it one more week and introducing Gatsby instead.


Note Riley off to the side trying to remind Momma that just because she has a new toy doesn’t mean she should love her puppy any less. Don’t worry, sweetie, I haven’t forgotten you. But get out of the way. This is Gatsby’s time to shine.






  1. Hey, Kristan, thanks for the comment! That’s actually my fiance’s furniture from his old apartment…all beautiful antiques passed down from his family. I thought the white lace and the green walls really made it pop…that is definitely the prettiest room in my house! :)

    I’ll stop by again…beautiful photos and I can’t wait to read some of your work!

  2. Oh yes! I name most of my babies major electronics. I’ve had CiCi, Toshi, Sir Opera, Winnie, and now Gatsby — and that’s just computers. My first iPod was Moe, first USB drive Susu, and my last digital camera Sally. Actually that reminds me that my current digicam still doesn’t have a name!!

  3. Kristan-

    Your computer is glorious. I am so jealous! Also, what camera are you using to take those pics? They are great shots

  4. Thanks! I’ve got a Panasonic Lumix LZ8K (K just means it’s the black version versus the silver). I don’t think the picture quality is AS good as my old Canon, but for all the other features (quick start, strong zoom, runs on AA batteries) I definitely love it.

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