1. me, i blame the cats…they think we’re sleeping in theirs….

    and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. the professor, um *sigh* yes, well, what can i say? there’s bound to be a crazy one in the bunch every once in awhile. well, as vicious as he was, he still didn’t scare me; made me work harder and pissed me off tremendously, but didn’t scare me. and, obviously, i’m returning next semester for some more flagellation – not that a i’m sadist by any means….the POD is the only one teaching the course i need….

    — rebecca’s last blog post: The Prince of Darkness or How I’ve Spent The Last Three Months

  2. Rebecca-
    Well I’m glad he didn’t scare you! Not sure I’d be brave enough to put myself through it a second time, though. ;P

    Haha, I’ll keep that in mind for next time. (And yes, that’s totally the sort of thing I’d do if I remembered.)

    Thanks! Excuse me while I go tell Andy you said that…

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