So true, so sad

I found this list of Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Writer at the blog of Kasie West, fellow future published author. Sadly, all of them applied. These were the top 3 for me, though.

6- You are rejected more now than you ever were in high school.

5- Your daily mood is directly correlated to your daily word count.

3- You spend more time with your imaginary friends than with your real ones (and you’re perfectly fine with that).

4 responses to “So true, so sad”

  1. Angie Avatar


    Don’t worry I don’t reject you.

    — Angie’s last blog post: No such thing as a free meal

  2. Kristan Avatar

    Too bad you don’t run the New Yorker! :P

  3. Twenty Four At Heart Avatar

    Uh oh … that sounds like me …!

    — Twenty Four At Heart’s last blog post: Random Tidbits

  4. kasie Avatar

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who those apply to. Sometimes I think I’m a little crazy and sometimes I know I am. :)

    — kasie’s last blog post: I’ve been tagged