Foto Friday: A nerd in all her glory

Yesterday was a sad day for nerds everywhere: Majel Roddenberry, widow of the creator of Star Trek, passed away from leukemia. She played the quirky, sex-crazed mother of ship’s counselor Deanna Troi (a fellow halfie and my favorite TNG character). Now that I think about it, my first understanding of the word “awkward” comes from Lwaxana Troi’s scenes with Captain Picard… In particular, one episode titled “Ménage a Troi.” o_O

In seriousness, Majel Roddenberry did a wonderful job working with her husband Gene to promote the various Star Trek enterprises (pun intended, haha) and the various social and political messages they carried. And after his death, she admirably continued his legacy, even reprising her role as the computer’s voice in the forthcoming Star Trek “relaunch” movie.

In her honor, here’s my best picture of me as a nerd, at least that was readily available:


Check out the big round glasses, Star Trek 30th anniversary hat, Starfleet Academy XL t-shirt, and big baggy jeans. All topped off by a backpack purse!

Yeeeeah, I was rockin’ back in middle school. I mean seriously, can you believe I didn’t get my first boyfriend until I was a senior in high school? What’s wrong with men these days?

It’s okay. Thanks to the Roddenberrys, I have hope for the males of the future. ;)


  1. Amazing! I somehow didn’t think you were a Star Trek fan!

    I need to find a picture of me at 13 wearing a Star Wars: Episode I t-shirt that’s much too big for me. Oh, too-big t-shirts…

  2. Fun fact of the day: My mom’s actual, official title at work is “Enterprise Architect.” It’s on her business cards and everything.

    I wish I could tell you what she does in this job…but it’s really not what you think. ;)

  3. Lol this Foto Friday is Fantastic

    I still remember when I told you how to pronounce “Menage a trois” (you were talking about that episode) and then your dad walked in and was like “…” hahaha

  4. Mary-
    Haha! Cool! Sadly I kind of wish I could be titled an Enterprise Architect…

    Okah, that’s a bit much, even for me! (And I DID go to a Star Trek convention…)

    Haha, thanks.

  5. Kristan,

    This picture of you is miraculous! It must become your new Facbeook photo….priceless! Have a wonderful holiday!

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