Because I love art, I am offering the following ideas for paintings to all struggling artists out there. Some of those artists may be thinking, Hey, I’ve got good ideas of my own. Really? Then why are you struggling?

Saturday night I decided to select an issue of the New Yorker at random from my stockpile, and I happened upon “Ideas for Paintings” by Jack Handey. I don’t know anything about Mr. Handey except that Aisha used to quote him on occasion, but the beginning of this piece definitely made me laugh. (It trails off as it goes along.)

Anyway, I’m thinking I should make it a point to read certain parts of the New Yorker online every week. I don’t enjoy having magazines pile up in my house, nor did I care about 75% of the content, but I think the other 25% is probably worth my time. Since, you know, the New Yorker is the holy grail of writing and all.

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