UPDATE: HARMONY WAS ADOPTED! Thanks, everyone! And if you were the one who adopted her, just know that I’d love to reunite Riley and Harmony for a playdate or something. Leave a comment or contact me via the form.

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Okay, I’m gonna tell you a little secret, but you have to promise not to tell Riley. Promise? Good. Here it is: When we first saw pictures of Riley’s litter, I thought his sister Harmony was the cutest. Shhh!

Fortunately, she was already on hold when I called the shelter, meaning only Riley (called Hasbro at the time) and his brother Hellmans were available for adoption. We went to visit them, and really all three were darling, but we knew Riley was meant for us when he gnawed on my shoe and then on Andy’s watch. (Yes, watch.)

We couldn’t be happier, of course, but last week I learned some sad news: Harmony (and her housemate Buzz) were returned to the League for Animal Welfare due to economic circumstances. LFAW is a wonderful no-kill shelter, so she’s not in any immediate danger, but it breaks my heart to see her back there instead of in a nice home with a loving family.

If you are in the Cincinnati area and have the time/energy/financial capability, please consider adopting Harmony. Based on our experiences with Riley, I can tell you that their mix is very friendly, loyal, and intelligent. She’ll need a good amount of playtime or exercise, but she’s only 20-ish pounds so apartment living (like us) is very possible. You can read more about her at the LFAW Web site.

Harmony 250 harmony-bio

There are a number of other equally deserving dogs and cats there, so even if Harmony is not right for you, I encourage you to check out other options. And if you ARE interested in Harmony, let me know! I’d be happy to answer more questions about her (based on Riley) and/or meet up with you and Harmony post-adoption.

13 responses to “Save this puppy (Riley’s sister!)”

  1. albie Avatar

    riley = puppy = way too cute :)

  2. Krista Avatar

    aw him’s so cute! i took in two stray cats this year, i’ve met my quota ;)

    Krista’s recent blog post: honest

  3. Marci Avatar

    Like Krista, I’ve met my quota (2 cats). Also, I live nowhere near the midwest and don’t want a dog. Hope they get adopted.

    I think people who give up their animals due to foreclosure are disgusting. The only people worse to me are the ones who leave them in the foreclosed houses to starve. I would work my ass off to find a pet-friendly apartment before I gave an animal up. It’s sad that innocent animals get hurt by people’s inability to be responsible.

  4. phhhst Avatar

    You are doing a good thing here Kristan.

    phhhst’s recent blog post: Billions for Boners

  5. Trisha Avatar

    Maybe, Riley and his sister need reunited! The universe is talking to you….

  6. najla Avatar

    Financial trouble can be hard. Jane hasn’t lived with me since I returned to Texas because I’ve been unable to support her. And rather than give her anything less than everything that I want to give her, she’s staying with a dear friend of mine. I’ve been very fortunate in that. Though it’s quite sad that Harmony had to be returned, I’m glad that the family was able to realize what needed to be done and took her to a no-kill shelter. :] I very much hope that she and Buzz get adopted soon.

  7. sam Avatar

    that is so sad! i hope she and her housemate find a home soon. i can’t imagine my baby harley in a shelter! :(

    sam’s recent blog post: Sundays in Sam Land

  8. Kristan Avatar

    He’s still pretty cute now, let me tell you.

    Aw, that’s awesome!

    Thanks. Yeah… it’s really hard for me to not judge, but I’m trying. I keep thinking, Well if you have a kid, you can’t just give them away because times are tough! But then again, in the past people DID do that. So here’s to hoping people start to take their pets that seriously in the future too. Because they’re just as innocent and dependent (if not more so) as children.

    Thanks. I really hope it works out!

    Haha, believe me, we’ve talked about it. But it’s not something we can sustain right now, and I would hate to have to rehome Harmony AGAIN.

    I agree, and I think it’s great that you found a friend for Jane to live with! I wish Harmony’s owners had a similar option, but I’ll go ahead and assume they didn’t.

    Yeah, I think that’s why it’s so hard: you can’t help but think of your own pup! Especially in this case since Harmony IS related to mine…

  9. rebecca Avatar

    oh, kristan, so beautiful! i love dogs. i can’t visit shelters though because for sure i will come out with one. for sure. i’ve already had dogs and now have three cats who are overfed, overloved and have taken complete control of our household and lives (yes, we seriously need a cat whisperer). puppies are just so adorable and it breaks my heart to see them in cages. but i have my daughter’s two spaniels who come visit every weekend and stay with us for three days (she lives in an apartment like you so weekend at gram’s who has a big yard is their puppy camp and home away from home). yeah, that’s how we roll here…. :)

    good for you for doing this and i hope someone bites….no pun intended :)

    rebecca’s recent blog post: The Rains of Despair

  10. Kristan Avatar

    Hehe, thanks. I hope so too!

  11. Twenty Four At Heart Avatar

    So cute. I am such a softy with dogs …….!

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  12. Laura Avatar

    Aw . . . poor baby. :(

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