Foto Friday: Winter games

This is a little game I like to call, Where’s Riley?

misc winter Riley 007

However, the Winter Games 2008-2009 have been put on hold until Mother Nature decides to stop being such a frigid b*tch.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t drum up any enthusiasm for throwing sticks in the backyard when it’s less than 10 degrees outside.

Like this:


What's in a name?


Tuesday is the new Monday


  1. Les

    You never woulda survived a Winnipeg Winter!
    Living in Colorado has wussified me though, so I agree, 10 is kinda cold haha.

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    • Yeah, you know, I think I can visit cold places (Winnipeg, Alaska, Siberia) but I don’t know about living there…

  2. Sy

    Oh, how I love snow. And that pup is just adorable!

    • Sy’s recent blog post: Polyvore Fiction.

  3. You know, I wonder how Scout would handle snow. She actually seems to like rain.

    • Angie’s recent blog post: Eye on…not Etsy this time

  4. Sy-
    Thanks! I wuv him. :P

    Wow, Riley hates rain. Snow he kinda has fun in, although today (FRI.GID!) he kept lifting up his feet and looking at me like, “I’m done with potty. Can we go in now?!”

  5. hahaha, wow, that IS hard to see… and yeah, how come pets don’t get cold! i mean, feet aside… shouldn’t his body be FREEZING?

  6. Oh, they get cold. It’s like, don’t underestimate the power of fur, but don’t over-estimate it either!

  7. If I had super powers, I would beam Riley and you over for a dy at the beach with BC. Everyone here is exclaiming about the “cold.” It is 62 degrees.

    • phhhst’s recent blog post: Friday Foto: Dive On In

  8. Oh I would love you/that!

  9. Les

    I haven’t done any writing in over a week…

    • Les’s recent blog post: Weekend benders

  10. :\ I have, but not nearly enough. (And technically it’s more editing than writing, I guess.)

  11. Hahaha that pic is so cute! It actually took me a minute to see your dog, probably because I was looking too hard. =P

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  12. Thanks! I’m telling you, it could be the next Where’s Waldo! Granted, it only works with black and white things…

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