Light miscellany

For any writer who needs a pick-me-up, check out how difficult the road to publication was for Jane Austen. I had no idea!

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Sweet Sy is giving away cute jewelry at her blog. Head on over to her post about aspirations and enter for your chance to win!

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Last night I found out I was accepted to the week-long Writer’s Workshop run by the Kenyon Review. There are a lot of reasons I want to go (learning, networking, “vacationing,” etc.) and only one thing holding me back: the cost. It’s not prohibitive, but it sure makes you do a double-take. Like, is this really worth it?

But I think the only way I can answer that is by going and finding out for myself.

I did resort to a shameless sidebar plug in the hopes that a philanthropic literature-loving sugar daddy will stumble across my blog and decide to donate. More realistically, I’ll just hope that the Google ads get more interesting to folks. Even more realistically, I’ll start saving.

(Also: if anyone has attended this workshop, or one similar, and has any thoughts, I’d love to hear!)

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  1. renaissancetrophywife Avatar


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  2. Erin Avatar

    I have donated! Go, woman, go! :)

    Yeeeeaaaah, I know I said I’d be impartial or neutral, but whatevs. You put donate button up, I clicky, therefore you must now go. Or one day I get a free (cough, prepaid) trade paperback of yours. *nodnods*

    No pressure or anything. :P

  3. Kristan Avatar


    Wow, thank you. Mushy private message sent to you via you-know-what.

  4. Jill Wheeler Avatar

    Exciting! You should go. It sounds like a great opportunity.

    That post about Jane Austen was amazing, wasn’t it?

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  5. Kristan Avatar

    Yes it was! I guess every author struggles. Which either means we’re all on a level playing field, and/or we’re all crazy… o_O

  6. Katy Avatar

    Congratulations! When do you leave?

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  7. Kristan Avatar

    Thanks! The workshop isn’t till June, so I have some time to consider whether or not to accept, and/or to raise funds…

  8. jenny Avatar

    hi Kristan!
    I absolutely admire people who write well, and I love reading your blog. I’ve been keeping up for quite a while now. It’s something nice to read at the end of a long day, kind of like reading an autobiography (with beautiful pictures, too!) before bed. In regards to the kenyon workshop (congrats, btw!), I think it looks like an amazing opportunity- I for one have been blessed with so many opportunities to learn something new, and I am thankful for each one of them (plus thankful for someone to pay for most of them, haha). So I just thought I’d spread some Chinese New Year joy and maybe I’ll be reading your book sometime in the future :)

    good luck!!

    ps. your jbu blog got me hooked onto etsy… what a [pretty] devil of a website. but I love!

  9. sam Avatar

    i will donate. just not right now, money is tight this month with the house closing. but i will donate before june!!

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  10. floreta Avatar

    that’s so cool! you should do it. i would like to get into writing more professionally or something but don’t know where to start.

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  11. Kristan Avatar

    Thank you so much, for the compliment as well as the contribution. Gong xi fa cai! ;)

    And yeah, haha, Etsy is the devil.

    Aw, thank you, sweetie!

    Haha, me either. :P No, j/k, I have some idea… Email me if you wanna discuss anything. I definitely think you have strong potential.

  12. phhhst Avatar

    Go! You are young and you should go before more life happens to you and you cannot take avantage of these tyes of opportunities.

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