Foto Friday: Faux-laroids

Lots on my mind lately… I’ll elaborate more later. For now, I will confess: I jumped on the bandwagon. The Poladroid bandwagon, to be more specific. I love the look of these fake Polaroid pics, i.e., Faux-laroids.


teo time 013-pola retiro 004-pola

First is from Seabrook Shipyard in Kemah, TX, where my parents keep our sailboat. Second and third are from Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid, Spain, where I fell in love.

12 responses to “Foto Friday: Faux-laroids”

  1. Alex Avatar

    That picture of the shipyard brings back memories…

  2. sam Avatar

    wow, what beautiful pictures!

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  3. Aisha Avatar

    I loooove that first one!

  4. phhhst Avatar

    I love teh look of those pics too.

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  5. Kristan Avatar


    Sam, Aisha, phhhst-
    Thank you!

  6. Angie Avatar

    Well I’m going to state the obvious…

    About time you started using Polardriod! I told you so :)

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  7. Kristan Avatar

    Yeees, yes you did! :P

  8. D'Arcy Avatar

    I’ve been hesitating joining the bandwagon as well. But I may just need to. It looks SO cool.

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  9. Kristan Avatar

    It IS! So much fun!

  10. floreta Avatar

    i like polaroids in general so fauxalaroids would be cool too! i like the doc picture. the but colors in the 2nd picture are interesting… red clouds with green water! the building also is tinted red.

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  11. renaissancetrophywife Avatar

    Love the pics! Yes, I confess to having a thing for Polaroids too…

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  12. Kristan Avatar


    Because they’re awesome!