Okay, tonight I realized this Good, Bad, Ugly format inherently ends on negative notes, so I’m going out of order.

Bad: The roads. Still. At least the local ones. Interstates have been cleared for the most part, but there’s quite a bit of ice and snow covering the little streets by my house and office. I blame that for my coworker Jeremy’s ability to talk me into buying a Subaru for my next car.

Ugly: Andy getting home at 1:30 a.m. last night thanks to the bad weather. Apparently someone decided plowing I-75 between Dayton and Cincinnati just wasn’t that important.

Good: Neighborliness. These past couple of days, I’ve witnessed more acts of neighborliness in any one period than I have… well, ever, I think. Complete strangers lending a hand — or more likely a shovel — to stranded motorists. It’s hard work, and there’s nothing in it for them. These are small acts of kindness, but they move me in a big way.

3 responses to “Good, Bad, Ugly: Mini blizzard edition”

  1. sam Avatar

    that’s sweet about people helping each other. you don’t see much of that here.

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  2. Sy Avatar

    Okay, so I totally missed out on some awesome posts, and I do apologize!

    Congrats on getting into the writing program! You will do wonders :) But $2000?! If I were a lesbian cougar, I’d totally finance your adventure. LOL.

    And SNOW, OH GOD. Do not get me started. Snow is my demise over here. It’s disgusting.

    Our neighbors are horrible. We had this one neighbor who we always lent all our stuff to, and we saw him shoveling, he stopped right before our house! My little Asian mom was slipping and sliding everywhere!

    I’m actually headed off to work tonight, so if I could at least donate five dollars to your program, I’ll let you know :)


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  3. Kristan Avatar


    No worries! You can’t catch ’em all, despite what Pokemon may say. ;P

    Aw, doesn’t your mean neighbor know that little Asian mommies have HORRIBLE balance?! I know mine does. :\