Foto Friday: Red

rocking red flowers 002

Roses aren’t the only flowers that are red.

rocking red flowers 010

And just for fun, this was a wedding group at Fountain Square on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's 006

Hey, consolidating holidays and anniversaries makes sense to me!

3 responses to “Foto Friday: Red”

  1. floreta Avatar

    beautiful rose captures!! do you have a zoom lens?

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  2. Pseudo Avatar

    Beautiful shots, ddep, vibrant color.

    I was watching HGTV the other day and there was a couple house hunting in Cincinati. The prices were so much lower than over here, hubs and I seriously wondered about retirement there.

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  3. Kristan Avatar

    Thank you! And to answer your question: not exactly. It’s a Leica lens on a point-and-shoot Panasonic. I just use the Macro setting for closeups on flowers and stuff. :)

    Well, haha, I think visually it’d be a huge letdown… Cincinnati has definitely grown on me, but its beauty is NOT going to rival Hawaii’s. The prices, however, are fabulous. (And people are friendly, and proximity to other cities is pretty decent.) So it all depends on what you’re looking for.