His new trick

Wonderful Winton day 014

“Wave.” A variation on shake.

10 responses to “His new trick”

  1. Pseudo Avatar

    Riley is looking cute.

  2. albie Avatar

    woo! i found my way here… almost got lost. made a wrong turn somewhere between the home page and the menu-bar up top, but hi riley! :D

  3. floreta Avatar

    soooooo cute. i definitely can see the jack russell AND border collie in him.

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  4. Adam Avatar

    I just started the same thing, but I’m calling it “Who wants it?” I guess I could add wave to command the same thing. But it’s too cute when Dill raises her hand when I hold a biscuit and say “who wants it?”

  5. RTW Avatar

    Too cute! and I love the site redesign, btw.

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  6. Kristan Avatar

    Thanks, everyone!

    Re: the redesign-
    I’m just trying to make it more like a writer’s site, so it’ll be easier to add info on my books when I get published. ;P

    And Adam, that is too cute!

  7. Angela Avatar

    1. Cute trick
    2. I like the new layout a lot more.

  8. Twenty Four At Heart Avatar

    Sooooo cute. What kind of dog is Riley?

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  9. Kristan Avatar

    Riley is a mix of (we’re pretty sure) Border Collie, Jack Russell, and Beagle.

  10. sam Avatar

    awww that is so cute! i love riley!

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