The joy of imperfection


We think everything we do has to be up to snuff, and we forget that the pure, uncensored joy of living in our own skin comes when we are not attached, 24/7, to either our fans or our critics.

– Veronica Chambers, The Joy of Doing Things Badly


  1. Was that taken when we were wandering around Barcelona at, like, six am because our overnight bus was early?

  2. It looked REALLY FAMILIAR, so I cheated and looked at the set, and that was what I’d guessed. (OH MAN, that bus drive.)

    Also? Remember how our roommate at the hostel thought he was stuck with a bunch of drunk party people, because we were waking back up at 1 or 2? Good times. (OH MAN, AND NOW I’M REMEMBERING THAT. You in the bunk above me, thumping the mattress to get me to wake up and whispering to me in super-secret code. LOL! That was awesome.)

  3. Forget the bus ride, I remember dragging our stuff around the beach at booty o’clock a.m., and having to go into a bar to pee because I just couldn’t hold it anymore!

    And yes, haha, how could I forget our roommate, the SHUAI GE! Teehee. The really nice, cool shuai ge, in fact. I’m glad he hung out with us a bit. (He was so nice to look at too…)

  4. I think it was a seafood restaurant that had a bar. But yes, I remember that.

    Yeah, he was cool. Hey, you’d know this better than me — didn’t he look like Hugh Jackman and someone else? ;-)

  5. HAHAHA! Okay, I actually laughed out loud at that, I didn’t just grin and then type “lol”.

    (And yes, actually, Hugh Jackman and… I’ll get back to you.)

  6. HEE! See, I was expecting to hear “I hate you,” so that’s definitely a plus. *grin*

    Seriously, the next time someone other than you uses Hugh Jackman as a comparison, I am going to just DIE FROM LAUGHING, and I’m going to look like I am completely insane. All thanks to YOU.

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