See you in Spain

I really enjoy writing novels. It’s like the ocean. You can just build a boat and take off. I can’t understand why anybody would criticize anything that ends up being a novel because you’ve arrived to the other shore, you’ve made it alive. Maybe you started off for Africa and ended up in Spain, but so what?

– Denis Johnson, in an interview with the San Francisco Reader

Denis Johnson 001

I saw him speak at the Mercantile Library on Wed night. Despite the seriousness of his books, he was very funny and charming. To tell you the truth, after listening to and watching him for an hour, I felt a greater understanding for why women (supposedly) used to go nuts over famous writers. There’s a definite appeal to men who are talented, confident, witty, and don’t bullshit.

Like this:


My trip home (in photos)


The inside looking out


  1. A writer who doesn’t bullshit?

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  2. LOL touché… I guess his was genuine bullshit? Hahaha!

  3. Yes. I think I wish I had Wonder Boys to watch tonight…

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  4. Thomas

    So you are from Houston? I am from Houston too.

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  5. RTW

    Great metaphor. Yay for traveling the world! Now if I only had the time to do it in person…

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  6. Thomas-
    Yep, Houston born and raised! What a great coincidence.

  7. I saw Denis Johnson at the Flair Symposium with Amy Tan!

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  8. Oh seriously? What a cool coincidence. What did he talk about?

  9. I don’t remember, haha. But my notes are in the moleskine I gave you!

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