The inside looking out

Celestial dinner 001

Maybe because I spent all yesterday talking on the phone — first with Mengfei and Angie, then with a bunch of seniors who have been accepted to my alma mater — but regardless of the reason, I don’t have much to say today. I feel a bit like I’m on the inside looking out.

Thank goodness I found Roswell (Season 1) on Hulu to distract me, huh?

(PS: Am I the only one who sees a LOT of parallels between Roswell and Twilight? Not that it’s a bad thing, just interesting. I also didn’t realize Roswell was based on a series of YA books. Go literary adaptations!)

Anyway, instead of talking/blogging, I think I’ll go write. That’s a good thing, right?

5 responses to “The inside looking out”

  1. floreta Avatar

    that’s a really pretty view and not bad for a window shot!!

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  2. Liz Avatar

    I have never seen Roswell at all… but you’ve convinced me. I’ll have to netflix the first season. And beautiful picture, btw!

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  3. Kristan Avatar

    Thanks, Floreta!

    And Liz, if you don’t want to wait, you can stream all of Season 1 on Hulu and just Netflix Seasons 2 and 3. (Also, the Twilight parallels do stop after a point. But that might be because there were more TV episodes than there were books?)

  4. RTW Avatar

    Gorgeous photo… I love the silhouette of the lamp in the foreground.

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  5. Pseudo Avatar

    What a beautiful photo! i so envy your getting to spend the day writing. I have to get ready for work soon and spend my day with a bunch ofkids who did not do their homework most likey.

    Don’t know about the TV series…