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Snippets: Booze?

Andy: Aren’t you going to come hang out with me and Riley?
Me: Yep, in just a minute.

An hour later…

Me: Okay, I’m ready to hang with my boos!
Me: Not “booze” as in alcohol. “Boos” as in more than one boo!

Our New Orleans trip in photos

I’m back! With all 10 fingers and all 10 toes. In fact, the alligators weren’t very chompy. They were too interested in the “swamp crack.” (See second to last photo for explanation.)

Here’s our awesome trip to NOLA in less than thirty seconds photos:

Day 1 French Quarter 005 Day 1 French Quarter 012

First up: beignets from the infamous Café du Monde. I’d been dreaming about them for weeks!

Then we took a leisurely stroll around the French Quarter (above) and Jackson Square (below).

Day 1 French Quarter 025

Day 1 Steamboat Natchez 037

For lunch we did a cruise on the Steamboat Natchez, which was very delicious (the food, not the boat) and relaxing.

Day 1 Preservation Hall 012

That night we caught the Preservation Hall Band. I don’t know a lot about jazz, but I thought they were awesome. (And such cute little old guys!)

Sunday morning we were supposed to go on an airboat swamp tour. Instead, Andy got stuck in an elevator.

For 80 minutes. I was on the phone with him for most of that time, passing info between the hotel/elevator company and the 5 people inside the elevator. (I had to laugh when the manager asked me to “stick around.” Um, where exactly did he think I was going when my boyfriend was trapped between the 4th and 5th floors of his hotel?!) No photos of this lively event, unfortunately.

Day 2 Aquarium 004 Day 2 Aquarium 042

Since we missed our pick-up for the swamp tour, we rescheduled it for Tuesday and hopped over to the Aquarium instead. (Pun intended.)

Day 2 NOMA & City Park 004 Day 2 night life 001

That afternoon we resumed our scheduled itinerary, visiting the New Orleans Museum of Art, which had a cool ceramics collection and an awesome photography exhibit (“The Art of Caring”) that made me cry. NOMA is located in City Park, so we also took a (little kiddie) train ride through the park.

At night we went to Harrah’s, played video blackjack and a crazy Star Trek slot game, and only lost $18.75!

Day 3 St. Louis Cemetary 013 Day 3 St. Louis Cemetary 041

On Monday we toured St. Louis No. 1 cemetery, the oldest “City of the Dead”. In spite of the pouring rain sloshing through my shoes, I really enjoyed learning some of the history of New Orleans via its ghosts. (And actually, maybe the storms added to the spooky ambiance.)

Day 3 Emeril's 006

Later we dined at Emeril’s flagship restaurant — NOLA is his hometown — and it was exquisite! Even in a city famous for its cuisine, Emeril’s really stood out.

Day 4 airboat swamp tour 009 Day 4 airboat swamp tour 033

Last but most definitely not least, we finally got our airboat swamp tour. (The raccoons seem to be popular swamp pets.)

Day 4 airboat swamp tour 046

Our (fantastic) guide was good friends with several of the gators. He made them jump for us, and the ones who didn’t jump were humiliated with hats.

swamp stitch

Food, French Quarter, the Mississippi River, jazz, fish, gambling, ghosts, more food, ‘coons, gators, and swamps. That was our NOLA vacation!

Feeling goofy on a Friday afternoon

I finally got my new glasses!!

new glasses 004 new glasses 005 new glasses 006

Do I look like an “uber nerd,” or a “sexy librarian”? (Either one is better than what I looked like in my previous glasses, trust me.)

As some of you may know, I am the Queen of Indecision, so choosing these was a huge ordeal. I even put it to a vote on Facebook, but no one agreed and I ended up disappointing everyone. As my mom said, “You asked everyone to vote, then chose the glasses no one liked. Funny.” -_-

Or rather: (-)_(-)

Anyway, it took twice as long to get the glasses as I expected — the lens cracked when being cut to fit the frames, or something completely reasonable like that — so I was bugging out with anticipation and frustration. Because obviously the universe was conspiring against me, trying to deprive me of the immeasurable joy and transformative life experiences that wearing my cute new frames would bring. OBVIOUSLY.

By the time the glasses were ready to pick up, I’d pretty much forgotten what they looked like!

But at long last I have them, and I love them. I plan to rock these babies in New Orleans tomorrow. That’s right, Yours Truly will be partying hard in the Big Easy for Memorial Day.

(And by “partying hard,” I mean visiting the aquarium, touring the swamp, eating beignets until I explode, and shopping in the French Quarter.)

So if you don’t hear from me for a few days, don’t be alarmed. But if you don’t hear from me for over a week, you can safely assume that I have been eaten by an alligator. In which case, it was nice knowing you. And someone please pick Riley up from The Pet Spot!

Love is

DIY studio 021

Love is playing Prometheus, strapping yourself to the side of the mountain and sewing up your own side so the birds might pick at you afresh.

– fellow writer and former ABNA contestant Eric at My Heart’s Porch

Anticipating accomplishment

From Mary’s post “Discipline? What’s that?”:

I’m really very bad at following through with things.  I have lots of big ideas about all sorts of things, but most of them never make it past the idea stage.  Even some things that do, I don’t finish.

It’s not a trait I particularly like about myself.  It’s just not very nice to think about all the things I want to do, and remember all the things I haven’t done.  […]  I sometimes half wonder if I have a very mild form of ADD that, because I can function in society without any external assistance, isn’t really a disorder.  Because the reason I don’t end up following through on ideas is that I just have so many of them, and the one I’m currently working on is always the least interesting of them all.

And the other part of the problem is that I just have so many interests.  It’s not exactly true that I’m interested in everything, but it’s not actually as much of an exaggeration as it might seem.  Still, there are only so many waking hours in each day, and I have to devote a whole lot of them to working.  I’d probably have more time to devote to useful pursuits if I didn’t genuinely enjoy goofing off, too.

That is exactly what I struggle with as well. And I don’t have the solution for myself yet, but believe me, I’m trying to find it. Because it’s embarrassing to go back to my alma mater 2 years after graduating and have no real answer to the question, “How’s the writing?”

(That said, I am SO glad I went to Carnegie Mellon’s Commencement this weekend! I had a great time with my family, and I got to meet up with several friends. As a former Resident Assistant, seeing my first group of residents graduating gave me a staggering mix of pride and excitement. They are amazing people, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish!)

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