Your beauty is strange, and I was proud to discover it

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I wanted you so badly my stomach hurt: your pale face framed in wild tangles of near-black hair, your small and crooked teeth, your collarbone a quick sketch of wings. Forgive me for saying this, but your beauty is strange, and I was proud to discover it, proud of my eye, like a record-store clerk who proudly wears the black T-shirt of his beloved, unsigned band.

– from the short story “Neversink” by David Benioff

Lately I’ve been trying to read more short fiction. One story a day, minimum. It’s like research/homework, but more fun. Also, it’s manageable. As opposed to “FINISH REVISING NOVEL!!!”


  1. Since my project this summer (first major writing project in ten year, except the blog) is memoir, I am gign to load on on memoir reading. Maybe I will try to slip in a few short stories too.

    Keep ploughing away at the revison work Kristen, you will get there.

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  2. I’ve never read much in the way of short stories. Perhaps I should start. I hate to be interrupted when reading novels and lately my family won’t give me a moment’s piece. Maybe I could squeeze in some short stories?

  3. Todd-
    I think once they’re on shelf? :P

    There are a few memoir collections full of “short” pieces. Like, this is the one I was assigned for a creative nonfiction class: The Art of the Personal Essay

    That’s on my one-a-day list for later too.

  4. I find myself not liking short fiction because if it’s really good, I’ll be sad when it ends lol. I’m just scared of being attached to a story lol and it’s short hehe. Reader’s withdraw is a real disease XD as the Twilighters haha.

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