Hello to everyone who is coming here from Dooce’s hit post about her bathroom makeover/catastrophe!

For the record, I adore Heather, but I think the tile looks like poo. And I think someday she’ll come to that realization as well. For now, she and Jon are too busy being defensive. That’s okay, I do it all the time.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say that people can disagree with someone — even an internet rock star — and still be 100% decent human beings. Take me, for example. I love dogs, I recycle, and I brush my teeth twice a day! What more could you ask for?

And yeah, I could have kept my opinion to myself, but (a) she blogged about it, posted pictures, and opened it up to discussion, so what does that suggest? And (b) I actually can’t keep my opinions to myself. It’s a like a disease or something.

11 responses to “Hiiiii, Dooce fans/foes!”

  1. Mary Avatar

    Somehow, it really gets my back up when someone who doesn’t share your opinion on a particular subject decides to dismiss you as a “hater” (or equivalent). I think that’s worse than just saying that all those other people are wrong, and of course it’s great!

    (I went over and read because I was curious, and I agree with you – it looks haphazard. And smaller somehow.)

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  2. Twenty Four At Heart Avatar

    Did you smack talk Dooce? (Why does the thought make me want to burst out laughing?)

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  3. floreta Avatar

    hahaha that’s funny..
    i don’t really follow dooce.
    your comment was waaaaay benign compared to everything else though ??
    so i’m confused.

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  4. Pseudo Avatar

    I’m smiling over here and have to go see what you are talking about. I like Dooce’s writing but never leave comments cause she gets some major wierdos in her comment threads.

    Not you sweetie – whoever is hating on our Kristin.

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  5. Kristan Avatar

    That’s exactly what was bugging me. 99% of the comments were just disagreements; a handful were the “crazies.” But that’s normal for Dooce’s posts, so I didn’t understand why she and her husband were so up in arms about this one! My assumption is that they were insecure about the bathroom, because that’s often what leads to unnecessary defensiveness.

    HAHA, no. I thought my responses (#11 and #13) were respectful, and at least attempted to be humorous. Which is why I got a little irritated with how strongly Dooce and Blurb responded. (Granted, they weren’t talking about me specifically, but they lumped all of us polite dissenters in with the “nutters.”)

    Dooce is hysterical! But yeah, I think I was pretty benign, which is why I didn’t appreciate how they said “the crazies were out.” They weren’t specifically talking about me (or anyone, I suppose) but they didn’t distinguish polite commenters from the very FEW that were ridiculous, and that’s what bothered me.

  6. Kristan Avatar

    Good, haha, because this post is VERY tongue in cheek. I think Dooce is awesome, which is why her and Blurb’s response bugged me even more. They usually take this stuff in stride and do a good job appreciating their fans vs. mocking the weirdos, but this time I felt they lumped everyone in together.

  7. Sonja Avatar

    This post might be your funniest ever. I would tell you why, but I’ve grown to like our pretend, internet, mutual admiration relationship, and as you point out, comments can be very easily misinterpreted. So I’ll just say: thanks for the laugh!

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  8. Krista Avatar

    i did find it a little weird that they can’t laugh off comments about the tile (which, let’s face it, doesn’t really look all that great, but they said it themselves) but they can totally ignore comments about their parenting, where the real crazies come out. who knows.

  9. Kristan Avatar

    Exactly! To me that reeks of insecurity!

    But I guess I’m glad that indicates they have strong confidence in their parenting.

  10. RenaissanceTrophyWife Avatar

    This is going to sound really awful, but maybe it’s because she’s pregnant. Honestly. I’m a woman too and you can’t blame EVERYTHING on hormones, but having medically treated pregnant women, you do recognize that their emotions are more labile.

    The situation sounds pretty stressful in the first place; and then she herself said that she crammed it all into one paragraph to share with the wide world. Your comment was totally benign but maybe their reaction was due to the combo of the crazies plus them taking it overly seriously because it was a bigger problem than she portrayed in that one paragraph… who knows. In the end, it’s tile. Funny-looking tile, but not the end of the world.

    What I want to know is, what’s the excuse of all the haters out there? they don’t really have one unless they’re all pregnant too…

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  11. Kristan Avatar

    Haha, well, you’re right: my hormones definitely make me overreact sometimes. So what’s her husband’s excuse? :P (J/k.)

    Re: the haters-

    I make it a point not to say something if all I can do is hate on it. (Even my comment had a positive, because the vanity IS cool.) What is there to gain from being so negative? Inquiring minds want to know…