I just wrote a long rambling post about questions I keep asking myself (about writing vs. blogging and whether I should be more “strategic” in life) but then I realized y’all really don’t need to know all the stupid circular discussions I have in my head.

(This latest bout of internal debate is the fault of one Maria Schneider, from Editor Unleashed. Last night she came to talk to the writing group I’m part of — thanks, Maria, if you’re reading this! — and it was really interesting to hear her take on what’s coming up for the publishing industry, how the roles of editors and agents will change, what authors should do to stay on the forefront, etc. You can read about her take on those issues, and more, at her blog, which is a fun resource and forum.)

So anyway, I’ve got a new episode of Twenty-Somewhere coming up (tomorrow?) and my mom has instructed me to “spice it up, make it juicy!” Implication: STOP WRITING ABOUT PEOPLE AS LAME AND SQUARE AS YOU. Since mommies know best, consider this your warning: More spice and juice are coming!

5 responses to “More spice, more juice”

  1. albie Avatar

    shotgun wedding. shotgun wedding. shotgun wedding!

  2. Pseudo Avatar

    Ah. I am so loooking forward to summer and reading and writing and all the good stuff. Whcih includes Twenty Something. I have to check and make sure I did not miss one.

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  3. Chris Avatar

    Great stuff! I’m always looking to pick the brains of better writers than myself (and that’s a really large group, let me tell you).

    Anyway, I look forward to visiting your site often. Good work!


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  4. Kristan Avatar

    Thanks, Chris!

  5. Angie Avatar

    Yes Yes Yes Spicy!

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