Change of plans

Andy left for a business trip at the butt crack of dawn on Monday morning and was supposed to return at I-don’t-know-what-the-right-saying-is on Wednesday night. Instead, bad weather stranded him in Baltimore. Also, we were supposed to drive to Rochester today for his sister’s wedding tomorrow. Instead, he flew directly to Rochester (after spending an extra night in Baltimore) and I got to pack my stuff, his stuff, the puppy’s stuff, and the wedding presents and drive all 7.5 hours by myself.


Despite my anxiety about this long and completely unexpected solo road trip, it went quite well. I made good time, even though I stopped twice to get gas and let Riley walk around, and I didn’t really feel too bored or tired. Thank goodness my iPod lasted the whole way… (And thanks to Angie, who chatted with me for half an hour!)

But, since driving + typing is probably worse than driving + talking on a cell phone, I decided not to finish Twenty-Somewhere. My apologies to those of you who care. Those of you who don’t, go read and start caring!

Since I promised you more juice & spice, here it is, albeit in a slightly different form…



  • Margot posted this AWESOME picture of herself to Flickr. (Click to see larger version.) I told her I want her to take pictures of me, but she has to make me look as gorgeous as she does herself.
  • Pseudo guest-blogged a hilarious post about being “the cool aunt,” which I unfortunately have never been (or had?).
  • Cardamom. Thyme. Oregano.

One response to “Change of plans”

  1. Angie Avatar

    Actually it was over 45 minutes, get your story straight :p

    We’re actually hurting over here that you’re not continuing 20SW. We need the suspense to mull over since our lives aren’t as exciting!

    Tell Margot I love that picture of her.

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