Link Love Friday

You know what’s really funny? When you think you’ve written a post, and posted it, but then you look, and you really haven’t!

… Oops.

Anyway, I updated my links page (and cleaned out my Google Reader) to reflect some important additions:

  • My friend Simon started a photography blog with great tips for newbies and professionals alike
  • New York Times bestselling author Allison Winn Scotch (hey, I’d want it connected to my name all the time too, just like the MD and PhD peeps) got a new look for her website and her super helpful blog Ask Allison
  • Eric added Part 4 and Part 5 to his “How to Write a Novel” series (with Part 6 to follow)

(Note: if you are surprised/annoyed that there are at least 6 parts to writing a novel, you obviously have never written one.)

Also, Pseudo is doing another “Hawaii box” giveaway in honor of her 200th post, so head on over and leave a comment! If you’ve never read her stuff, this post is a must. It’s my favorite, although she’s always eloquent or witty (or usually both).

Last but not least, in a truly admirable and unexpected move, my friend Albert (who many of you know in real life) has spent the past year starting up a video production company called Optix Studios. They do event coverage, creative advertising, and the occasional just-for-fun projects. Since he’s not very good at self-promotion (nor am I — but we have made a pact to push each other!) I’m going to link to this sweet music video he made with a few friends.

Originally I was going to write this gushy post about how proud I am of his entreprenuerial spirit, and how I know it’s not easy to go against the norm or what your loved ones want and expect of you, especially when your dreams are so far from guaranteed to come true. But I think the only thing that would do is embarrass him. So I’ll just say that he, like so many of the people I am privileged to know, is bursting with passion and talent, and I know he’s going to succeed. I can’t wait for the day when my friends and I are sitting around a table reflecting on the decades passed, and we can really understand and appreciate all the amazing things we’ve accomplished.

4 responses to “Link Love Friday”

  1. Simon Avatar

    Thanks for the link!

    • Simon’s recent blog post: Practice with your camera!

  2. Twenty Four At Heart Avatar

    And I have no doubt you will have MANY great accomplishments to look back on!

    • Twenty Four At Heart’s recent blog post: Buttery Nipples

  3. Kate Avatar

    What happens to me is that I start a post and then get interrupted and find out later that it went up accidentally. That’s no fun either!

    • Kate’s recent blog post: Now maybe Josh has a small idea of what I do all day.

  4. Eric Avatar

    Thanks for linking me again.

    • Eric’s recent blog post: I, Personally, Myself