Today is Andy’s 25th birthday, which means I spent all day reading My Sister’s Keeper preparing for his surprise dinner this evening and thus had no time to post for real. Instead, enjoy this 33-second clip about what real writers do:

5 responses to “Family Guy explains: real writers must be seen”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Happy birthday to Andy! :-) (You, cooking? *gasps in shock* Did you set anything on fire?)

  2. Kristan Avatar

    Oh I’m sorry, did that imply I was cooking for him? I meant preparing to take him OUT to his surprise dinner. Yes, it was a long day of hard work… :P

  3. Alex Avatar

    …and everything is right again in the world.

  4. Les Avatar

    I remember that episode hahah… good grief.

  5. [F]oxymoron Avatar

    That was a great episode! …writers!

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