One of the things Geeta (my Kenyon Review Writing Workshop instructor) asked us to do was to write down 10 memories by the end of the week. This was to help us let go of reality so we could focus on our fiction. Get it out of our system, you know? Well, I actually only wrote 3 (sorry!) but I was surprised by what came out. I’m not brave enough to post them in full — because they are real, and there are people who might be hurt or offended by what’s in them — but I think I can safely share the first sentences.

  1. I remember hiding in the bathroom at my best friend’s house, age 7 or 8, because I had made her upset and knew her father would be mad at me.
  2. I remember the first time we fogged up the car windows.
  3. I remember bringing the fat girl to the frat party.

These weren’t necessarily the first images or moments that came to mind, but they were the first memories that were full-bodied enough, interesting enough, meaningful enough, for me to want to put into words.

Anyone want to share 3 of their memories? First sentences are good enough for me, but I think you might be pleasantly surprised if you take the time to write them out for yourself. (And no, you don’t have to start with “I remember.” I just found that a helpful jump-start.)

5 responses to “Memories”

  1. sam Avatar

    wow, those are some pretty deep memories. i’ll have to think about this one and come back with some answers..

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  2. Aisha Avatar

    Your #1 is cute/sad
    I’ll write 3 memories with you in them:

    1. Laughing nonstop in your parents’ bathroom while trying to record a commercial for our “waterfalls” project. Then, days later, we realized that we forgot to construct a waterfall in our model city so we said it was invisible lol.
    2. Waiting in the optometrist’s office with you for your first pair of glasses.
    3. Walking around outside of a rotary meeting as it was getting dark and singing “Something Kinda Funny.” Those were simpler times.

  3. Trisha Avatar

    I remember jumping over the railing at the house on Euclid Avenue with a broomstick trying to fly.

    I remember going to Uncle Richarrd’s farm on Christmas Eve watching to see if the livestock kneeled down.

    I remember falling in the swamp at Richard’s farm trying to catch tadpoles.

    I remember running catching fireflies in the yard in New Castle.

  4. Kristan Avatar

    LOL! Remember the project, forgot that as the reason it was invisible…

    I jumped off a glass coffee table in my house (age 4), sans broomstick, also thinking I could fly. Granted, I was wearing fairy wings at the time…

    I’ve never caught a firefly, but in Cincy in the summer they light up our backyard like Christmas lights!

  5. Trisha Avatar

    It’s summer. I highly recommend firefly catching. It is very theraputic. But that IS a catch and release program. :)