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Why not? (Giving things a shot)

20SWepisodes0104kindleIn the spirit of trying new things, I uploaded episodes 1-4 of Twenty-Somewhere to the Amazon Kindle store yesterday. If you know anyone with a Kindle, iPhone, or iPod Touch who wants some fun  stories for just 99¢, let them know!

(For anyone who’s wondering about charging for something I also post for free: if it’s on your Kindle/iGadget, it’s yours whenever and wherever. No internet connection necessary, and no ads. Also, some people just prefer eBooks. Strange but true.)

If this experiment goes decently well, I’ll keep putting 20SW up in batches of 4, and probably some other stories too. I suppose it’s self-publishing, in a way, but somehow it feels different. I guess because it’s stories and not novels.

By the way, I got this brilliant idea from screenwriter John August, whose short story The Variant has become a Kindle bestseller. I’m not expecting anything as successful as that, but I think/hope this could be fun.

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How I spent my Sunday

Country Concert 2009 003 edited

Country Concert 2009 020 saturated

Country Concert 2009 010 edited

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I has been lazy

Was supposed to get lots done today. Instead: uploaded photos, watched Samantha Who, and looked at WordPress themes. Oops?

Rochester for the 4th 001 edit

Actually I’ve written a lot on my new novel this week, so it’s really just the blog I’m neglecting…

I KNOW I OWE YOU A NEW TWENTY-SOMEWHERE I’M SORRY! Are you going to break up with me? What if I promise to post the new one on Monday? And buy you a ring? A pretty one. With lots of sparkles. Deal? Deal.

In the meantime, enjoy these links of awesomeness:

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Zombies are the new vampires

Hmm. I had no idea those postcard stories would be so popular. FYI there’s a second round (from the workshop) coming next week, but I’m also pondering whether or not to make these postcards a more regular feature… Thoughts?

Blogging/writing has been difficult the past few days because (a) no internet at work yesterday, and (b) Repetitive Strain Injury is kicking my ass. Or really, my left wrist. I’ve got a brace for it, but of course, I only wear the brace after I notice the RSI coming on. Note to self: brace is supposed to be PREVENTATIVE. Also: teach yourself better typing habits!

Anyway, that means I’ve been writing by hand, which is actually a nice change. I feel productive when I can see how many pages I’ve gone through in a day. (Even if those pages are half-full of cross-outs…)

Based on Publishers Lunch, zombies are the new vampires. In literature, at least. Makes me wonder if I should change what I’m writing… but the undead are creepy! I guess I’ll leave them to writers made of sterner stuff.

Speaking of things that might be worth trying, looks like a couple of writers are doing online serialized novels for free/donations.

(Note: I haven’t read these, just heard about them.)

In a way, that’s what I was going for with Twenty-Somewhere, but I eventually took down the donation link because (a) I wasn’t getting any, and (b) I think the integration of 20SW with my blog makes it less… cohesive? I dunno. I might try it again someday.

(Or I might become a multi-millionaire NYTimes bestseller and screw it, haha.)

Like this:


One of the things Geeta (my Kenyon Review Writing Workshop instructor) asked us to do was to write down 10 memories by the end of the week. This was to help us let go of reality so we could focus on our fiction. Get it out of our system, you know? Well, I actually only wrote 3 (sorry!) but I was surprised by what came out. I’m not brave enough to post them in full — because they are real, and there are people who might be hurt or offended by what’s in them — but I think I can safely share the first sentences.

  1. I remember hiding in the bathroom at my best friend’s house, age 7 or 8, because I had made her upset and knew her father would be mad at me.
  2. I remember the first time we fogged up the car windows.
  3. I remember bringing the fat girl to the frat party.

These weren’t necessarily the first images or moments that came to mind, but they were the first memories that were full-bodied enough, interesting enough, meaningful enough, for me to want to put into words.

Anyone want to share 3 of their memories? First sentences are good enough for me, but I think you might be pleasantly surprised if you take the time to write them out for yourself. (And no, you don’t have to start with “I remember.” I just found that a helpful jump-start.)

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