Hump day for sure

Word Count – Aug 5, 2009:

Sadly the past two days have not been as productive as the first few. A couple of the hours I lost last night were to my writing group, though, so it’s hard to say that wasn’t worth it. The couple hours of Bones reruns, on the other hand… (I blame you for that, Margot!)

So what am I struggling with? Mostly just making myself do it. It’s totally a mental block. But once I put away all the distractions and just sit and put pen to paper (yes I’m going old school right now) after 20 min I’m totally in the zone.

Anyway, I always think it’s okay to fall off the horse, as long as you get right back on. So look for some impressive word counts in the days to come, eh?

In the meantime, here’s my silly dog. Eating leaves.


  1. Haha! Bones! I knew you’d be addicted. I’m bringing in Season 1 for you today at work. Hehehe.

    Ps- I still plan on dognapping Riley.

  2. “Anyway, I always think it’s okay to fall off the horse, as long as you get right back on.”

    Yeah that’s a good way to look at it. It’s usually a little hard for me to start something up again once I lose momentum, but it’s important to keep your goal in mind and not dwell on the fact that you slipped a little.

  3. Exactly! I think if you beat yourself up about it, you just create a negative association with the activity, which makes you even less likely to go back to it with any joy.

  4. Really? Yogi was never into plants or sticks or anything. But omg, yes, it’s the JUMPING to get the leaves that’s so dang funny!

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