Congrats to Joe, who won the Writer Unboxed Funniest Analogy contest! And thanks to everyone who voted. It won’t help y’all, but I’m hoping Joe will share his new literary wealth with me… ;P

I’m back in Cincinnati after a busy and… varied, trip to Houston. Saying it was nice would be too weird, because of having to put Yogi down, but I had a good time with my parents; settled on a Maid of Honor dress with Alex for her wedding; got to see Angie, Albert, and John; and celebrated the 2nd birthday of my “niece.” (Cousin’s daughter, second cousin, whatever. She calls me Auntie in Chinese.)

The sleepy little birthday girl. Isn’t she precious? She throws cute kisses, blows good bubbles, and makes great faces.

I managed to write on the plane home (while also watching Confessions of a Shopaholic on my iPod). I’m still behind, but not all that disappointed with my pace. Maybe because it’s just so much faster than I normally go? Only, I’m not sure why I don’t normally go at this pace, because it hasn’t been that tough and it feels good to see those numbers at the end of the day. Perhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful habit?

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  1. Eric Avatar

    Yeah, I’m wondering the same myself. Maybe it’s because it’s the start of a project? That’s the only explanation I’ve been able to come up with. We’re sitting on top of all these ideas, and eventually they’ll dry up. Hopefully that’s not the case, though.

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  2. Angie Avatar

    Your cousin’s daughter is so adorable!

    I think Houston missed you immensely :)
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  3. Sonja Avatar

    Very cute birthday girl. From your tweet, it seems like you had fun at the birthday party.

    By the way, if the girl’s mother is your first cousin (i.e. she is the daughter of the sister or brother of your mother or father), then the girl is your first cousin once removed. Should you have a child, then your child and the girl would be second cousins. You’re welcome! :)
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  4. Kristan Avatar

    Nice! And yes, haha, hopefully we won’t “dry up.” :(

    Got it! But what is she if she is my first cousin’s daughter? (i.e., My mother’s sister’s son’s daughter.)

  5. Les Avatar

    I’m sorry about your puppy :( that’s always a sad thing to have to do. And yes I believe that seeing your results is a good thing. I’m way behind on my 10k/month goal :( Gotta hustle!

  6. Sonja Avatar

    If she is your first cousin’s daughter, she is your “first cousin once removed.” The whole cousin structure works on levels. I’m going to name your first cousin Bob for illustration purposes. I’m going to give you a son called Harry. So there’s:

    Kristan + Bob on the “first cousin” level
    Harry + Bob’s daughter on the “second cousin” level

    Now, to get from you to your cousin’s daughter, you are connected to her from the first cousin level and then down one, making you “first cousins once removed [from the level of connection]”

    Now let’s say that Harry and Bob’s daughter have children (not with each other, although that would be legal in most states HA!). Harry’s kid is Alex, and Bob’s daughter’s kid is Jasmine. Now we have

    Kristan + Bob on the first cousin level
    Harry + Bob’s daughter on the second cousin level
    Alex + Jasmine on the third cousin level

    Got it? Okay, let’s mix it up! So who is Jasmine to you? Jasmine is your “first cousin twice removed.” See? She is twice removed from the [first cousin] level of connection. Who is Jasmine to Harry? She is his “second cousin once removed”.

    You’re welcome again!
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  7. Kristan Avatar

    LOL thanks! Surprisingly, I understood that. But, it’s still really complicated. o_O

  8. Aisha Avatar

    lol you would never name your son Harry, so that makes it a little funnier

  9. Alex Avatar

    It was so wonderful to see you last weekend, and I had such a great time with you (the worries about Yogi notwithstanding).

    Your cousin’s daughter is growing up so fast! She’s so adorable. :-)