Words from a role model

But beyond logistics, I think, frankly, pure determination, optimism and belief in myself got me here today. Being a full-time, bestselling writer is a DREAM. But it is a hard dream to accomplish. I can’t tell you how many times it would have been easier for me NOT to send out a flurry of magazine queries after receiving rounds of rejections, NOT to be 2000% sure that the articles I was filing were flawless, NOT to get a little lazy because it’s hard to be your own boss and your own marketer and your own cheerleader. But I didn’t give myself an option to fail. And truly, I really think this was a big part in getting here.

Dream Chaser: Allison Winn Scotch, New York Times Best-Selling Author

7 responses to “Words from a role model”

  1. Les Avatar

    It is DEFINITELY hard to be your own boss. I fail at time management. I could write, orrrrr win the internet. Hmmm.
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  2. Kristan Avatar

    Yeah, that was the line that got me: boss, marketer, and cheerleader. I find all three incredibly difficult jobs, and can’t wait for the day that I don’t have to do them all by myself.

  3. Pseudo Avatar

    That was very inspiring.
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  4. Sonja Avatar

    I think she is omitting what is probably the biggest factor in her getting her first publishing credits – luck. Yes, of course you need talent and determination, but I don’t think that is enough. You need a few breaks to go your way, and those breaks are out of your control.
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  5. Kristan Avatar

    Oh definitely. She does mention that (if not in that interview then elsewhere in her blog) but yeah, I didn’t quote it. :P

  6. Jon Avatar

    Ah, but you have to look for the little victories too. For example, for me, not getting a curt rejection letter the other week.

    Small steps, right?
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  7. Kristan Avatar

    Oh definitely. As I said in my previous post, “We take small victories here.” :P