Busy bee

Tired and overwhelmed? That’s me!

(Also Riley, who is POOPED OUT on the couch right now because he just spent 4 days at Pet Spot Kennels playing with at least 2 dozen other dogs. I LOVE IT.)

But seriously, after a wonderful little trip, I came home to 125 unread items in my Google Reader, over 50 emails, and a nest of bees. Yes, that’s right, I got stung by a bee. Hurt like a b*tch for the first hour, but the swelling, redness, and pain have finally subsided.

However, Angie got stung a couple months ago and warned me that tomorrow my left wrist might resemble an over-filled balloon. Hopefully that won’t impede my ability to type, because I’m behind on my word count. Instead of telling you where I am and where I should be, I’ll instead tell you that I did manage to write about 2,000 words even on my vacation. Hurrah!

We take small victories here.

# # #

Also, this is old news, but I put up Episodes 25-28 of Twenty-Somewhere on Amazon last week. Only 12 more to go? (Well, 10 on this website.) Aw, I think I’m going to miss it.


Unless I write a “sequel” (novel)…?

5 responses to “Busy bee”

  1. Todd Newton Avatar

    I have a serious phobia of bees/wasps/etc. No, I’m not allergic, I am just deathly afraid of them. Seriously turn into a little girl. Hate it. Just had to share that.
    .-= • Recent post by Todd Newton: Prologues =-.

  2. Angie Avatar


    Honestly I think it’s because we are that sweet, even honey bees want a piece of us.
    .-= • Recent post by Angie: My dad doesn’t get why I like people’s old stuff =-.

  3. Angie Avatar

    Lol on Todd. I feel the same way with roaches.
    .-= • Recent post by Angie: My dad doesn’t get why I like people’s old stuff =-.

  4. Kristan Avatar

    Yeah, I used to too, so I told people I was allergic even though I wasn’t. I’m glad it was just a lie, though, or this sting might be a lot worse than it is.

    Does that mean my neighbor’s German Shepherd Lea is sweet too? :P

  5. Les Avatar

    Never been stung by a bee, only a wasp, and the swelling really wasn’t that bad, so here’s hoping your wrist makes it through alright ;) you have lots of typing to do missy!
    .-= • Recent post by Les: Literally Literary =-.