A couple days ago Alex sent me the poem “The Return” by Bruce Bond, and several lines resonated with me. In particular:

Long ago tomorrow was everything to me.
I loved it the way a small room
loves an only window,
the farthest reaches, the fever
of daylight as it rises and falls.

Long ago
I loved the future the way a wick
loves the fire that eats it.

Elegant and eloquent.

And as Alex said in our subsequent discussion, right now everything feels like tomorrow. Perhaps that would have been a better way to explain what I was trying to say yesterday about my frustrations. Tomorrow I will finish my manuscript. Tomorrow I will get an agent. Tomorrow I will be published.

It’s beautiful to always have something to look forward to (and work toward) but then again, it’s hard to always wait.

Another great line, although not relevant to my thoughts above:

Every morning the sun rose
on the jungle of who we thought we were,
what we lost, what we had become.
Even those who returned never returned.

8 responses to “Right now, everything feels like tomorrow”

  1. Twenty Four At Heart Avatar

    Oh … I love that!
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  2. Trisha Avatar

    Driving on the freeway at night, lights on, leading a band of angels following a herd of demons.

  3. Trisha Avatar

    Self actuatlization. The finish line, the goal, perfection, always just out of reach.

  4. Kristan Avatar

    “Driving on the freeway at night, lights on, leading a band of angels following a herd of demons.”

    Wow, what an image!

  5. Eric Avatar

    I was bowled over by the last quote.
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  6. Krista Avatar

    Sorry I haven’t been by in so long! Love the new look, very whimsical. I went to read the entire poem, but LJ is blocked at work…can’t wait to read it when I get home!

  7. Kristan Avatar

    No worries, Krista!

  8. MKL Avatar

    You know how the Spanish say ‘mañana’ and postpone things? Sometimes that’s great, but at some point tomorrow becomes today :)

    Anyway, I read your great comment on Floreta’s latest post, really impressed me :)
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