Grossy gross gross

Dear Riley,

St X with Riley 008

Yesterday you ate poop.

Then when I was brushing your teeth, you ate half the toothbrush head.

The only thing that I was happy you ate last night was the hydrogen peroxide I used to induce your vomiting. Until I had to pick up all your vomit. Then I wasn’t feeling so cheerful. (But I did find the piece of the toothbrush amidst the soggy, bile-covered kibbles, so mission accomplished!)

Oh, don’t give me those cute puppy eyes or that big doggy grin. They won’t work on me anymore.

Okay, fine, they will. I still love you. But please, let’s not repeat last night, OK?



  1. I hear you lol… We actually had our youngest one throw up the poop that she ate when she was a puppy. That was… special.

  2. Ew, haha. In the past eating poo just gave Riley the runs (SORRY FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE GETTING GROSSED OUT) but now his stomach is a lot stronger. I wouldn’t have induced vomiting if it weren’t for the toothbrush head, but I didn’t like the idea of a hard plastic thing going through his intestines when he’s only 20 lbs. A lab or something would have been a different story.

  3. ew ew ew my dog eats his poop too…. so disturbing. but i hear if you sprinkle meat tenderizer on their food, it’ll keep them from doing that. my mom has never tried it though haha.

    damn dogs… do the grossest things yet still manage to be so cute.

  4. Fortunately (??) Riley doesn’t eat his own poop, only those of other animals. Meat tenderizer, you say? Great, I’m gonna be THAT LADY who sprinkles meat tenderizer on every pile of poo in the neighborhood…

  5. G and I call it “shomit.” As in sh!t+vomit. Bailey, for some odd reason, will freak out… poop in his crate, eat it to hide it, and then shomit everywhere. Yeeeeuck. I’m sorry you had to do that, but I’m glad I’m not the only one! ;)
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