Since it’s almost the weekend, I figured this might be a good time to drop a few links to awesome stories I’ve recently stumbled upon. Because, you know, you’ll actually have time to read them, and thus WILL.

I discovered Angi Becker Stevens through Eric’s link to a contest at The Collagist, and I absolutely fell in love with her stories. She writes short fiction the way I want to write short fiction. Check it out for yourself:

I plan to read more of her work (listed on her blog) but already I predict and hope for great things for her.

Speaking of great things, Sherman Alexie rocks! I feel like an idiot because he’s been around for a while and I never bothered to read him. Also because I keep mixing his name up with Salman Rushdie. Whoops!

Anyway, Sherman Alexie is a hilarious-but-literary writer, and I highly recommend his story story “War Dances” in the New Yorker. I plan to check out his book of the same name.

That’s it for now. More of my own writing coming soon (!!) in the form of a new episode of Twenty-Somewhere.

8 responses to “Really freaking good stories”

  1. Pseudo Avatar

    I may take you up on the reading assignment miss. I saw Sherman Alexie in person. I wnet to the Maui Writer’s COnference a few years ago and he was the keynote speaker. He was hilarious.

    Have you seen the film he wrote, Smoke Signals? I lvoe it. Taught it every year when I taught the film elective.
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  2. Kristan Avatar

    No, I didn’t know Smoke Signals was by him! Now I have to check it out. I’m becoming a fan.

  3. Angie Avatar

    Those are good reads if anyone reads this comment!

    I still don’t know where I heard Sherman Alexie from, but I do know of him.
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  4. MKL Avatar

    Great choice, thanks :)
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  5. Lauren Avatar

    Love the Collagist piece. A friend of mine Elizabeth Crane, is also in the recent issue.

    I was going to ask you how did you get hooked up with the publishing on amazon kindle thing? And can you really also get it on ipod touches? Trying to figure out a way I can expand TWF.
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  6. Kristan Avatar

    Yeah, haha, her piece had me cracking up. All the H’s. ;P

    Anyone can get “hooked up” with the Amazon Kindle platform here: – And yes, you can get it on iPhones/iPod Touches just by downloading the (free) Kindle app.

    I’ll email you with more details, though. :)

  7. Lindsay Avatar

    Thanks for introducing me to Angi’s stuff… The Collagist piece actually inspired me to get back to writing, again.

    Sherman Alexie is brilliant. I fell for his stuff years ago when I read The Toughest Indian in the World short story collection. He was here recently and I so badly wanted to go see him speak but for one reason or another, I didn’t. Add that to the list of regrets.
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  8. Kristan Avatar

    Oh YAY! I’m so glad she inspired you. She’s inspiring me to return to some of my short stuff, too. :)

    As for Alexie, I’m sure there will be other opportunities; if not him, someone else just as awesome. No regrets, only learnings!