Several nights these past two weeks, I’ve had nightmares about taking my laptop near water and ruining it. Fortunately in real/waking life, I am not so dumb. When we went to North Carolina a couple weeks ago for Andy’s cousin’s wedding, Gatsby (my MacBook) stayed safely inside the beach house.

Simone (my camera), however, was forced to take some risks.

Day 1 and Researsal Dinner 029

Day 2 and Wedding 014

The wedding was beautiful, and appropriately themed:

Day 2 and Wedding 041

And, since the entire back half of our plane had come to North Carolina specifically to golf, we thought maybe we should set aside a couple hours to take advantage of what is apparently some of the best golfing in the country. We had to rent clubs, and I played in my glasses and flip flops, but whatevs. Totally worth it.


Last but not least, I present Andy’s family. Or like, 1/4 of it.


They clean up nice, don’t they?

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