Like crack, but better

Alrighty roo, as I say to Riley at least three times a day. I’m peacing out, cub scouts. Headed to the Emerald Isle. No, that’s not from Wizard of the Oz. I’m talking about Ireland! Yep, the land of leprechauns and (more importantly) POTATOES.

Andy has to go to Ireland for business this week, so I decided to tag along and make a vacation of it. I leave today and will return on Tuesday, but never fear, Mandy is here! Or at least, she will be. Guest blogging for me.

, the guest blogs are here! Or at least, they will be. I’ve lined up one awesome girl who cracks me up, and one random person who I’m not at all sure will be quite entertaining. (The random person is through a blog swap program that 20-Something Bloggers is hosting.) No seriously, I’m sure they’ll both be great, and I am really looking forward to having them here!

Depending on the internet situation in Ireland, I may also try to drop a line myself.

In the meantime, here are all the latest drugs that the cool kids are doing:


  1. Ireland? Awesome! Where are you going? My advice – find a way to rent a car and drive around the countryside. And drink plenty of Guinness (for strength).

  2. oh, I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland, as my grandfather was from there and his whole family still lives there. Maybe one day. *Sigh*
    have fun though, and take pictures!

  3. Have fun in Ireland! One of my neighbors is Irish, as in born and raised in Ireland. I LOVE listening to him talk! LOL I’ve never been to Ireland or Great Britain. The best novel I ever read was “Like” by Ali Smith, and she is Scottish. One day I hope to make it across the pond to Scotland…
    .-= • Recent post by Sonja: World’s cutest correspondence =-.

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