Today it is my distinct honor to present the Sassy Ginger, aka Mandy, aka Anyrandomword. (Trust me, that will make sense later.) She’s a redhead with a wicked sense of humor and her very own column about the horrors of modern relationships. I never fail to laugh and/or think in acronyms when I read her posts, like the one about the dude who signs all his texts “Batman” (WTF) or the one where she recounts her night via pictorial (LOL). In fact, I like her so much that I’ve asked her to be the LONE blog-sitter while I’m in Ireland this week. So y’all be good for her, okay? And be sure to comment so she doesn’t think I’m a friend-less loser. Thanks.

Seriously, I’m super stoked to have Mandy guest blogging for me. Thanks a bunch, girl!

gingerHey, kids! GingerMandy here. I’m going to do my best at invading Kristan’s space in the most gracious way possible. It’s nice here, if you guys were wondering. She keeps her place very tidy. Mine’s sort of a mess… Hopefully my crazy readers and I don’t turn this place into a dive before she gets home from IRELAND. Lucky girl!

Anyjealous, I always get super excited when people ask me to guest blog, then I lock up. Actually it’s not that bad. I’ll just picture you guys naked to take the edge off.

The thing Kristan and I have most in common is that writing is our passion. If you read her blog you obviously know she rocks at it. [Kristan’s note: Mandy does too!] Well, I recently made the decision that I am going to quit the day job that’s sucking my life dry in order to write full time. I’ve got a few sites I write for, a few companies that hire me to work on projects, and a few independent projects of my own, and I know that if I really work at it I can stay busy, make enough money, and do what I truly want to do. Plus, if my dedication stays intact and things go as planned, there is nowhere for me to go but up. Up, up, and way. Kind of like Balloon Boy, except I’ll be in the balloon… and in control of it. I hope. And hopefully I won’t be a big hoax, either.

Since Kristan is a writer, I’m assuming quite a few of you guys are as well. So I’m going to go ahead and name some of the thoughts I’ve had about this plunge I’m going to take, and hopefully hear some of your thoughts on them.

1) I write for a few websites. Some that I find excellent at their niche and others I find to be total crap but stick with them to pay the bills. That being said, am I really doing something worth a damn? Or am I cluttering the internet with more mindless and diluted information? I’m definitely not an expert in every topic I’ve written about. In fact, a couple times I simply Googled the information to write an article. Am I insulting people who are actual experts? I guess it isn’t a huge deal that I’m not a hair extension or skin care expert, but I know I’d rather get a how-to from a professional stylist than… me.

2) What if the total crap websites go under and that causes me to lose tons of jobs and money? Looks like I’ll be becoming a barista for awhile!

3) I am going to sharpen one VERY important tool: aggression. I am good at getting where I need to be and figuring out what to do, but I’ve never been good at figuring out exactly how to go in the direction that completely outshines all of my competition and shoves the rest of the thwarting, hungry writers out of the way. (No offense, it’s strictly business!) Or taking a risk and pitching my work, asking someone to look it over and :gasp: publish it! I’ve done it, but it is very intimidating. Another sad example of this: the other day I was on a flight to Orlando, and the 7-ish year old girl next to me kept staring at me and smiling. She had paper and crayons with her, and I wanted to ask if she wanted to play hangman, but I didn’t because if she said no I’d be really disappointed. SHE’S 7! And I was scared to ask! I JUST WANTED TO PLAY HANGMAN!

4) What if I start realizing how much control I have over my life? On a normal day, before you know it I’m sleeping in until 10 a.m., lying around watching daytime TV, making unnecessary plans, and then realizing the day is over, I did nothing productive, and I spent half the afternoon snacking on Club crackers dipped in chocolate frosting. I am bad about this. Today, for example, I planned on organizing my closet and getting together all of my clothes for donation, but all I’ve done since I’ve been home is take a nap.

Truth be told, I think of all these things — as well as several other worries — every single day. However, I also think of how hard I’ve worked to get to this point and that it’s normal to freak out and wonder how it will all spiral. Really, I think the blogging community keeps me sane when I get to this mindset because it shows me that there are tons of other people out there with worries and wonders about the future. That’s what we’re all here for anyway, isn’t it? To keep our sanity? No? Just me? Alright. Maybe I should go look for mine because at this point I don’t know if there’s much left.

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