National Crazy Month

Today marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo, aka writing 50,000 words in 1 month, aka the thing I tried in August and failed, aka the thing I’m trying again. Erin and Aurora bullied convinced me to give it another go. Other awesome peeps I know that are doing it include Mandy, and Therese and Kathleen from Writer Unboxed. Not sure if Eric is, but I’m trying to bully convince him to.

Anyone else doing it? (Les? Zara? Pseudo?) If so, friend me at! Username is kristanhoffman, or here’s a link to my profile.

I had a decent morning session (970 words), but football cut me off in the afternoon. Now let’s see if I can get in another good session while Andy watches Game 4 of the World Series…

(Yes, our house/life is ruled by sports. As my mom likes to say, Andy is a “ball junkie.”)

Random factoid: I’m finding techno/electronica very good for writing music right now. Something about the heavy beats and simple lyrics (or lack of lyrics), I think. It stimulates without distracting.

Edited to add: Shano is a perfect example of the kind of music I’m talking about! Thanks to Angie for linking me to this free download.


  1. i’m pumped! i only got about 1,100 words yesterday, i was hoping to go for 2,000 a day, but at least it’s a start, right? i have a feeling this is going to make me a little more insane when the end of the month comes and i’m freaking out because i have no idea how to finish it. haha. still exciting, though!

  2. Nice! I just about killed myself to get to the 1,667 mark, but yeah, I’m hoping to do about 2,000 a day. Right now, I’m with you: freaking out but excited! :D

  3. I am not, because I already know with my work schedule that I couldn’t do all 50,000, so I don’t really want to set myself up for failure. I set a goal of 15k this month though instead of 10k, so I’ll write vicariously through all of you beasts ;)

    I also like “wordless” music for writing, it’s less distracting. Stuff I like ranges from techno to classical though, so I always make sure to put headphones on so I don’t get strange looks.
    .-= • Recent post by Les: Like butter baby =-.

  4. This is why I write for magazines–I have no stamina for marathon writing. But I’ll eventually write a book once I fill that prescription for ADD meds.

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