Overwhelmed, underfocused

Allow me to present a brief recap of NaNoWriMo days 2 and 3:

Yesterday, 6 PM: Oh crap, I haven’t written anything? I better get on that!

Yesterday, 6:03 PM: Dinnertime!

Yesterday, 7:30 PM: Okay, time to write for real. I mean, look at Erin. Erin has… NINE THOUSAND WORDS?! WTF?

Yesterday, 7:35 PM: Breathe, Kristan. It’s okay. You don’t have to write as fast as Erin or anyone else. You just have to write 1,667 words a day.

Yesterday, 7:36 PM: 1,667 WORDS A DAY?!

Yesterday, 7:37 PM: Oh shut up and just do it.

Yesterday, 8:30 PM: Does my story suck? I think my story sucks.

Yesterday: 8:35 PM: Nooo, it doesn’t suck. I’m just scared.

Yesterday: 8:40 PM: Wait, no, maybe it really does suck. I should ask somebody. But I don’t want to talk too much about my story is because then I might lose interest in it…

Yesterday, 9:40 PM: Wow, that’s stupid. Also, I am really bad at fantasy football.

Yesterday, 9:45 PM: I’m supposed to be writing!

Yesterday, 10:15 PM: Oh, but I still can’t tell if my story sucks. I really ought to ask somebody…

Yesterday 11:15 PM: Yay, my story doesn’t suck! And now I can write!

Today, 12:15 AM: Poop, I’m tired.

Today, 6:55 AM: Poop, time to wake up so I can vote before work.

Today, 1:30 PM: I wonder if I have ADHD…

Today, 1:35 PM: Internet says, “Mild ADHD Possible.” Doh.


  1. There’s no way I can keep the needed NaNo rate, but when I do write, how’s about I try to keep up with the daily necessity? I might be able to do that two or three times a week.

    Quit dawdling. You’re dawdling now. Close your browser and write. We’re all rooting for you.
    .-= • Recent post by Eric: Sparse Roundup =-.

  2. Aw, thanks, Eric!

    And I agree: regardless of what happens with NaNo in the end, Day 1 taught me that 1,667 words (or thereabouts) is TOTALY doable in a day.

  3. one of the main things that makes nano awesome is that it’s essentially about the power of glorified suckage (to eventually produce something that doesn’t suck). even if your story does suck right now, you have to find a way to be proud of that somehow, and push on. you don’t get to judge until december because you have no perspective while you’re still writing it.


  4. Don’t forget the gchat message at 2:15pm, of me asking you whether you were writing for NaNo or taking another ADHD quiz, and you asking me what choice C was.

    Go write! There might just be pumpkin pie for you if you finish your NaNo. (Seriously, do I need to bribe you with the promise of baked goods?)

  5. Aurora-
    Yeah, it’s turning off the judgment that’s hard!

    Um, baked good bribes may not be necessary but are ALWAYS appreciated. ;)

    Well I’m sure it could end up being a novella. The goal is really just to push you to write 50k words on ONE story, instead of what people typically do (start something, stop, start something else, stop, and so on).

    Haha, nah, I don’t think so either. But I do think I have a LOT of bad habits when it comes to focus, and I need to train myself out of them. :(

    Lol, tru dat!

  6. Brilliant! I can relate to every line… including the part about Googling ADHD and finding “mild ADHD possible.” Been there, done that. :)

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