My 2009 Turkey Day list

I’m going to cop out a bit and instead of writing a full-on sappy post for Thanksgiving (like moonrat and Jamie Ford did) I’m just going to list a few of the things I am thankful for this year.

  • First and foremost, the health and happiness of my loved ones
  • Second, the delicious Thanksgiving feast digesting in my tummy right now
  • My good friend getting the job she’s been after
  • My other good friend getting the fellowship she’s been after
  • New Moon / Girls Night with my coworkers
  • Being one of the 18 winners of the St. Martin’s “New Adult” contest

(Next steps are that I submit Twenty-Somewhere to the St. Martin’s Press team to see if they are interested in publishing it…!!!)

  • And last but not least, all the amazing people I’ve met through blogging

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. I wish all the best to you and yours.


  1. Thanks, Eric! It feels totally wild. And I’m concerned that the “webisode” format might hinder it… but then again, it could also be a unique selling point. Anyway, I think they’re aware of the format and they still selected it, so…!

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