Snippets: Get it?

Last night after I finished watching all of Fushigi Yugi on YouTube:

Andy: Please tell me you are not seriously crying over a cartoon.
{sniff sniff} It’s not just any cartoon! It’s EPIC.

I finish sniffling, shut down my computer, and get into bed.

Me: You just don’t understand. You’re not a romantic.
Andy: I am too!
Me: Oh yeah? How so?
Andy: I am a tiny insect that bites people and lodges under their skin, and I was born in the capital of Italy.
Me: You’re a Rome ant?
Andy: No, I’m a Roman tick!


  1. Sonja-
    Ah, haha, don’t encourage him!

    Okay, when you say, “That’s blog-worthy!” and I say, “Really?” and then you say, “Yeah, really,” I take that to mean you are NOT kidding. >P

  2. It’s official then: Natalie says it’s funny, thus is must be so. (No, seriously.)

    Also: :D Don’t fight FY! That’s a battle you don’t even WANT to win!

  3. i’m sad to admit it took me a few seconds to figure it all out… i was like “roamin’ tick…” so what? he roams?

  4. I watched the first segment. Can see the intrigue. Interesting sidenote… when I was working on my graduate degree, in my media literacy class was a student from Japan doing his master’s project on Japanese animae. I asked him why the characters always were caucasion, with blond and auburn hair, green/bue eyes, big round eyes. He said the characters are Japanese and that is how the Japanese youth see themselves.
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  5. How interesting! And isn’t that funny? I know when I was a little girl, I thought I could/would “grow up to be” tall and blond and named Jennifer. How strange, eh?

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