Loving, and writing, in spite of rejection

Writing and love are both leaps into the unknown, acts of discipline as much as they are acts of faith. If you are not in love with writing then you shouldn’t write, because without love, you won’t be able to take it. (And I didn’t say in love with your writing—I said in love with writing. There’s a difference.)

Taste of Blue Ash 009

Maybe this is how we continue to face the anguish of rejection: through the inherent belief that we are good and worthy and that our efforts and our being are not doomed to solitude; that we will find validation and laugh in the faces of those who once rejected us, even if we know that that kind of victory is temporal at best; even as we redefine rejection not so much as defeat, but as an inevitable part of our process, our climb toward victory, which is at least partially won as long as we choose to write.

– from “Rejection” by Terrence Cheng, via Glimmer Train


  1. Sonja-
    Oh no! Hahaha, I’ve got to learn to think about these things ahead of time. But no, I haven’t heard from SMP and don’t expect to for several weeks (based on their timing from last round). And I wouldn’t be all emo and passive like that, lol. I just liked this quote.

  2. Good thing, I hope it wasn’t some passive emo thing I would do. lol. Fingers crossed still! And yes, you must always keep writing!
    .-= • Recent post by Angie: Just look up =-.

  3. Rebecca-
    I loved that too. The idea that rejection isn’t a problem, but rather a part of the process.

    Thanks! And I couldn’t stop if I tried. :P

  4. Great post. I can definitely relate..well not with the writing part but I guess I could apply it to my photography. Anyways, keep me posted on SMP!
    .-= • Recent post by Margot: Oh Face =-.

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