Happiness is…

  • Sparkling grape juice
  • Playing in 6″ of snow with your dog
  • Building a world (done!) and outlining the accompanying novel (started…)
  • Good sports games, good food, and good friends (go Saints!)
  • Dreaming about Spain

What is happiness to you right now?


  1. – good poetry (Human Dark with Sugar, Brenda Shaughnessy)
    – good blogs (yours, thosegirlsarewild.com, etc.)
    – realizing some of the lessons some of the people who were in my life for a short while were there to teach
    – my one-year-old cousin who now knows words like ‘cookie’ and ‘touchdown’ :-)
    – dreaming of days when I’ll be doing far less dreaming
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  2. Kimberly-
    Hehe, so we’re both struggling with lining those outs, huh?

    Aww, there was a baby at our Superbowl party too, but he couldn’t say much except Dada. He did not like it when we were mad at the TV, though. :P

    Loreena, huh? Good stuff. :)

    Woot great writing day!

    :\ I’m sure you’ll get one that starts “Fortunately” soon!

  3. I’m feeling pretty good about the start I made towards getting my workshop tools in my basement organized. And I’m looking forward to the plumber coming tomorrow morning to hook up our brand new, high efficiency washing machine.

    But I’m also bummed about a few things right now, one of which is that we got two feet of snow last weekend – which in and of itself is not so bad and kind of fun… but it looks like we’re getting another foot of snow tomorrow night. Philadelphia is not set up to handle this kind of snow fall. Sigh.
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  4. * Imagining you playing with your dog in the snow (my snow experience is pretty limited and never involved pets. Sounds like fun, although I’m pretty sure my cats would not be impressed)
    * Getting really excited about my new writing project and the fact that I’m planning it thoroughly for the first time ever (and it feels good!)
    * That I’m reading a great book (Revolutionary Road) and can’t wait to finish it.

    And I thought I was having a bad day! Thanks for making me think about it in another way :-)
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  5. Sonja-
    So basically for you happiness would be a Godzilla sized snow blower? :P

    Aw, glad I could help things look a little cheerier! And yay for new projects!

  6. Pssh, we can just blow it on up to Canada! They won’t even notice. :P

    (Actually I’m stuck at home today due to snow. It’s pretty, but inconvenient.)

  7. A full nights’ worth of sleep, a normal 8 hour workday instead of 12, no more writer’s block, and a plot I can assign 60k to.

    I’m not asking for much right? lol
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  8. Les-
    Lol no, not much AT ALL. :P

    Of course! I mean, what else do people do with moments to themselves?

    Awesome possum! Way to throw those eggs and follow your passion. :D

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