Last week Rebecca over at Diary of a Virgin Novelist did a great little giveaway whose entry requirements were to take a picture of the place where you write/blog and email it to her. I didn’t get my pictures in before the deadline, but I still thought it was a fun idea. So here’s where I write. (Sometimes.)

my home office 001

Of course my supervisor always monitors me from his comfy perch.

my home office 003

Yes, my bed is that close for a reason. Late night writing sessions usually end with me stumbling into bed. The closer it is, the more likely I will actually make it there.

(And oy, ignore the fact that nothing matches!)

I like to keep myself surrounded by various tools and sources of inspiration, such as pens, writing books, and clippings of some of my characters (courtesy of Seventeen magazine). Whether or not I actually consult them is irrelevant.

my home office 004

In a closeup, you can see the specific writing books, as well as the 5 Hour Energy that I keep on hand “for emergency use only” (no, really). My favorites are Amy Tan’s The Opposite of Fate and Stephen King’s On Writing.

my home office 005

I also write at the couch and the dining room table, but this desk is my “official” space.

Someday I’ll have an office with hardwood floors, giant windows, a piano, and a mirror and barre (so I can dance too!). And of course everything will match. But for now this works just fine.

What about you? Where do you write/work/blog? What’s your dream office? I’d love to see pics, but you can just tell me about it if that’s easier.

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