Leprechauns, yetis, and puppies, oh my!

I’m… surviving. The past few days I’ve had almost no free time until dinner, and by then all I wanted to do was eat and then sleep. (Or at least veg out.) For the record, I’ve STILL met my word quotas every day. Despite really really really wanting to skip them and go to bed instead. The WIP is now at 16,000 words.

The reason for my exhaustion: Our move (work, not home) is now exactly 1 week away. But surprisingly, things seem to be under control. (I think.) A lot of that is because my coworker had her college-aged son and two of his friends come be my slaves helpers. They moved furniture around in our new office space, and packed up the basement of our old building. They were great — both as helpers and guys — but it was a little strange to realize that they probably thought of me as “old” just because I’m in the working world and they’re still students. Being considered old = -_-

Fortunately, the best St. Patrick’s Day story ever = ^_^

No seriously. READ IT.

Also, as promised, here are a few pics of Riley’s new next door buddy, Sunny:

doggy friends 033

Please note that Sunny is a whopping 8 weeks old and already as big as Riley.

doggy friends 031

Also, he has this weird habit of going to lie in the mulch around the a/c units. Don’t ask.

doggy friends 019

Also, he always wants attention. Weird, right? It’s like he’s a puppy or something.


  1. I want a puppy just like Sunny. We are planning on getting one right after the wedding.

    I’d love to see pictures of the new office space, if allowed. ;o)

  2. Emily-
    I can send you some after we get settled! And yaaay puppy! And do you have a wedding date? (I’m curious, plus everyone has been asking.)

    Same to you!

    Kimberly & Sonja-

  3. Kristan, you are my hero–meeting your daily goal in the midst of all that?! And don’t worry, you’ll never be old to me, because if you’re old, I’m nearing retirement age. Ugh!

    By the way, I have an award for you over at my blog! Come check it out.

    – Liz
    .-= • Recent post by Liz Czukas: Interview with Steve Novak =-.

  4. Aww puppy. What a cutie. I haven’t been writing (again) but I’m not gonna kick my ass about it just yet. There’s so much going on that I can’t get settled :(
    .-= • Recent post by Kitty: A little bit of panic =-.

  5. Kitty-
    Seriously, girl? YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING YOUR TAIL OFF. It’s okay if you don’t write for a bit.

    I KNOW! Adorable to the max. Them and Golden Retriever puppies could create world peace, I think.

  6. Riley is SO FREAKING CUTE! Ah! Love him (and other Border Collie mixes!)

    They make life interesting, that’s for sure.

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