LOVED today’s post from Moon Rat, the editorial assistant extraordinaire:

The point I want to make today is about vigilance of craft. Creativity is exhausting. When you’re working on a novel, there comes a point during writing, or rewriting, or editing, or re-editing, or hearing back the nitpicky bits from your crit group or agent or editor for the eight millionth time, when you just say “Ug, can I be done with this? I’ll fix it later, or someone else can, if they really have a problem with it.”

But the thing is, you can’t count on anyone to fix anything later.

No, you sure can’t. And really, that applies to anything and everything, not just books.

The best professionals in any sector of the industry are the ones who fight it out a couple more rounds before throwing up their hands.

So the moral of this story is, fight the good fight, at every stage of the game.

Right on!

I’ll do my best to keep that in mind this weekend as I tackle the 3 synopses I’m preparing for The Major Publisher Who’s Interested in Twenty-Somewhere. o_O

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