Thinking ahead, I tell my girlfriends The Rule: I don’t dance with strangers. If you see one approach, rescue me. Thanks.

Fortunately — and unfortunately — for most of the night, The Rule doesn’t come into play. My ego takes a bit of a hit. But then, it’s too dark and crowded for me to see anyone, much less for them to see me. I tell myself this is a good thing. The night’s not about me anyway.

Later it’s a different club, a different crowd. Brighter and more spacious, but now I’m tired. Too tired to care about the dance floor. I park it at the bar and ask for water. I watch my girlfriends have a good time.

One or two guys give me the eye. I do not engage. I’m not in the mood for a conversation, or anything else they might be looking for.

A bachelor party comes up to get more beer. The guy closest to me smiles to acknowledge that he’s encroaching on my space. I smile back to acknowledge that he doesn’t have much choice. No worries.

Then somehow, he gets the timing right. Or maybe it’s the wording. Or maybe it’s just that he looks cute and friendly but not too pushy. I don’t know, but somehow, he finds an opening.

He asks me questions and seems genuinely interested in my answers. He tells me a funny story. At some point I mention my boyfriend. At some point he mentions his wife. That’s when I realize I never looked for a ring. For some reason I haven’t trained myself to do that. I guess I still don’t think of myself as old enough to be married, even though everyone around me already is.

We talk for half an hour before he asks me to dance. I decide, Why not? He’s earned it. We walk over to the dance floor, and AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” is playing. I laugh because I can’t dance to that.

It’s still awkward, as these things always are, but for once I don’t feel dread, panic, or the instinct to flee. When my friend comes over to check on me, to follow my Rule, I tell her I’m okay. And I think, Why can’t all guys go about it this way? Wouldn’t that be nicer for everyone?

Over his shoulder, I see his friend elbow their other buddy and point. I can read lips. The guy says, “No way!” and they chuckle. I tell my new friend that his buddies are talking about us. He says, “Well, then we better give them something to talk about.” He turns around and jokingly booty-bumps me. I laugh again.

Soon the night ends and we say goodbye. That’s all there is, and that’s all there needs to be. For every rule there is an exception. This weekend I met mine.

16 responses to “Scenes from a weekend”

  1. Les Avatar

    Oooh I like! Definitely makes me want to know more. Is this a slice? WIP? HMMM? :p
    .-= • Recent post by Les: Monday Madness =-.

  2. Sonja Avatar

    And how does Andy feel about this exception? I think my head would have exploded right around “booty-bump” lol.
    .-= • Recent post by Sonja: Hello, private school! Buh-bye, money! =-.

  3. Sarah Avatar

    This is too good. too, too good. That’s it.
    .-= • Recent post by Sarah: Just Say Yes =-.

  4. Kristan Avatar

    Haha, well, I guess life is sort of a WIP… :P

    LOL! Andy’s head doesn’t explode for much. I don’t think he would care, although I suppose if he reads this, he can tell me.

    Aw thanks!

  5. Emily Jane Avatar

    Awesome!! This totally made me smile. I love that you gave them something to talk about :)
    .-= • Recent post by Emily Jane: BLOGGING RANT: The Cost of Self-Promotion =-.

  6. Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist Avatar

    You are brave! My clubbing years are officially behind me. =)
    .-= • Recent post by Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist: Using music to help your writing =-.

  7. Liz Czukas Avatar

    It’s men like that who give women reason to put up with the rest of the crap they dole out.

    Lovely scene. You relate real life with amazing skill.

    – Liz
    .-= • Recent post by Liz Czukas: In Which I Confess To My Own Grossness =-.

  8. Kristan Avatar

    Aw, thanks!

  9. Kimberly Franklin Avatar

    That last line says it all. I love this, Kristan!! :)
    .-= • Recent post by Kimberly Franklin: M.I.A. =-.

  10. LiLu Avatar

    First of all, this is SO well-written. Love.

    Second of all, as a fellow-relationship-er, this is just… perfect. That’s exactly how it couldwouldshould be, if that situation arose.
    .-= • Recent post by LiLu: Clichés Are Stereotypes For A Reason. Or Something. =-.

  11. Rachele Alpine Avatar

    I like! And I like how we didn’t know what this was about. I kept trying to guess if it’s how you met your boyfriend (maybe an anniversary hommage) or a WIP. Please share more!
    .-= • Recent post by Rachele Alpine: Bronte Sisters Take Over The World =-.

  12. Kristan Avatar

    Thanks, girl!

    Wow, thanks! You’re like 20SB celebrity, haha, so I’m kind of honored you commented. :D

    Thanks! It’s just a vignette made from my life, but I’ve noticed that people like these, so I’ll definitely do more. :)

  13. T.S. Bazelli Avatar

    A bunch of my friends got married last summer so there were also a lot of bachelorette parties to attend. Honestly at this point I’d be happy with not going clubbing ever again LOL.

    Sounds like your experience turned out just fine ;)
    .-= • Recent post by T.S. Bazelli: Sharpening Powers of Observation =-.

  14. Samantha Bennett Avatar

    Ah, The Rule. I know it well. :) Sadly, I’ve never been very good at club dancing. I come from a musical theatre background so jazz squares and grape vines are my typical moves. :)
    .-= • Recent post by Samantha Bennett: Cleaning Closets =-.

  15. Kristan Avatar

    Yeah, between this and my recent trip to NYC, I think I’m done for a bit. But it’s nice every once in a while, and I hadn’t gone out like this in years.

    Lol. I have a small but respectable repertoire of club moves, but yeah, that scene is not my strength as a dancer.

  16. elissa janine Avatar

    haha what a nice little glimpse of life! also I cannot imagine trying to dance to that song, lol!